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At The Table With: Bastien Mingers


How is climate change affecting the production of wine today?

In many countries around the world, the wine industry has been experiencing extreme weather conditions (heat, heavy rain falls) over the last few years. This has brought about a new sense of urgency as winemakers struggle to cope with the effects of changing climates, and resulting in many European wines becoming too alcoholic and opulent. Since the end of the century, there haven’t been any vintages in Europe with thin green wines, like it was just a generation ago. In a nutshell, there really isn’t an easy answer to the question if climate change has brought about good or bad changes to wine quality. Perhaps it should be viewed upon more so as new sets of challenges for winemakers worldwide.

Sustainability is a hot topic, what are some sustainable practices that have been adopted in wineries?

Sustainability in viticulture has many faces and starts as early as the planting of the vines. Drip irrigation systems are being expanded and vine canopy management practices are adopted to shield the grape zone from sun damage. In addition, erosion protection is provided by creating transverse terraces and permanent greenery. Further advantages of greening with various plant mixes are the promotion of biodiversity and the loosening of the soil by roots and living organisms.

China is becoming a massive player in the industry, both in purchasing wines and creating their own. Considering their influence across all markets, what do you think this means in the future?

In fact, China has so far appeared rather as an importer of wines from all over the world. This will change in the future. Not least through cooperation with winemakers from Europe, Latin America or Oceania, China has created first-class wineries that produce promising wines. Here we are only at the beginning of a great success story. Let’s also not forget the Southeast Asian markets and its emerging potential. Singapore topped the market with the highest potential for European and North American wine and spirits producers to enter over the next five years, according to the ProWein Business Report 2019. The report, the most comprehensive of its kind in the global wine industry, surveyed over 2,300 experts in the wine industry across 46 countries revealed another finding that puts the spotlight on Southeast Asia – in total, six Southeast Asian countries claimed the top 10 as emerging sales markets for producers and exporters. To this end, leveraging on the global networks and established expertise of ProWein in Düsseldorf is the ProWein World series of leading wines and spirits trade fairs, which has presence across high-interest markets of China, Hong Kong and Singapore – all of which are held alongside leading food and hospitality trade shows of: FHC-Food & Hotel China, HOFEX in Hong Kong and FHA-Food & Beverage in Singapore.

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06 Dec 2019

Q&A with Bord Bia/Irish Food Board

How important is the Southeast Asian market for/to you?
The Southeast Asia territory is extremely important to Irish spirits exports. We are in the process of exploring new markets and have learned that there is significant potential held in these markets, particularly for Irish Whiskey and Gin. Our distillers are leading the way in innovation and creativity. Built upon a foundation of expertise, differentiation and heritage, research tells us that the Southeast Asia community would greatly appreciate innovation while simultaneously having very high regard for provenance.

Why have you chosen to participate at ProWine Asia (Singapore) 2020 specifically? What are some of your key participation objectives?
While the Singapore market itself is of significance to Irish spirits, we do also hope to capture the interest of the trade in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Key participation objectives will be to break new ground for some of our suppliers into these countries, begin developing new relationships while building on existing ones, and create a learning experience around the business culture at play in these markets.

What are some of the highlights trade visitors can expect from your Pavilion and exhibitors at ProWine Asia (Singapore) 2020?
The Ireland stand will feature some of our most innovative suppliers of Irish Whiskey and Gin, including Gunpowder Gin from The Shed Distillery, JJ Corry Irish Whiskey from Chapel Gate Whiskey Co, both of which are available in Asia. It will also include Sixling Gin from Grills Spirits, the Irish Whiskey and Gin ranges of Glendalough Distillery, the Merry’s Irish Cream Liquer range and Whistler Irish Whiskey Range from Na Cuana, and Hyde Whiskey from Hyde Whiskey Company.

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05 Dec 2019